Monday, July 27, 2009

Decorating Course... Part 6

Here I am again.... with one more class to talk about! It's just getting a little tiresome, and though I'm still enjoying class, I'm always wondering how to make this sound interesting to you, since all we've been doing for quite a while is flowers, flowers, flowers. So I figured, let's keep it short and sweet this time -

DSC03175 2

The azalea, I think. Didn't have a good picture of the one they made, sorry! Mine looks nothing like it :P

We also learnt how to make petal dust, since finding it here can be quite a hassle! And its so easy too!! I'd make it even if it were available everywhere!! :P

DSC03187 2

Carnations - One of my favorite flowers, glad I can make them well! :)

DSC03184 2

DSC03185 2

Random fillers!

Next week, for a change, and so that we keep in touch with our icing, we learn, in detail lace and filigree pieces! Should be fun :D

P.S - I promise to practice more, and show my improved flowers to you soon!!

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  1. So Pretty, can you teach me how to do it?

  2. Very pretty! I'd love to know how to make such flowers...



  3. Hey! I have something for you at my blog :) Do check that out! :)

  4. Ria - Thanks so much, and thanks for the award too :)

    Anncoo - I totally would if you were nearer!

    Parita - Thank you :)

    Rosa - Thank you! I wish I could teach you!

  5. Your flowers look great, especially the carnation. Good job!

  6. Hi Avanika,

    First, Love your daughter is close..

    Second, like the fact that you are interested in baking at 19! Good for you! Learn well and make a career out of it!

    Nice blog - keep up the good work.


  7. Oh, wow! I'm so impressed! Beautiful flowers and that carnation is breathtaking.

  8. Hey these certainly look beautiful, was wondering how pretty smaller versions will look atop cupcakes!

  9. Oh, how I wish I could take another cake decorating course! I enjoyed the ones I have already taken. That carnation is beautiful!

  10. Aww, look at that pretty little carnation! Excellent work.

  11. Great work. Gorgeous and I LOVE the carnation!

  12. Palidor - Thank you :) :)

    Mriganayani - Anika! That's a nice name! It's also my pet name for some, as is your name, Anu :P :P And thanks, I've been interested in baking since 13-14, but have only now become obsessed with it :P

    Lynn - Thank you :) It's really the easiest flower!

    Bindiya - Lol! You just made me curious too! I'll try it out soon!

    Cakebrain - Your creations are proof of that! I loved the chocolate butterflies :)

    Emily - Thank you :D :D

    Jaime - Hahaha I'm sure they don't, but thanks anyway :P

    Katrina - Thank you :D :D

  13. Oooh could you please show us how to make the carnation! I honestly thought it was a real one. Brilliant work! :D

  14. Wow! The carnation look great. I'm amazed at the detail.

  15. Lorraine - Lol! I will try thinking of a way to show it to you all!! Thanks so much :)

    Divya - Thank you!!

    Lisa - Thanks!! It's really quite easy!

  16. You're doing a great job! Your carnation came out splendid.


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