Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decorating Course... Part 2

This post is long overdue, but I've been really busy making and decorating nearly 100 sugar cookies! I know it may not sound as much to you, but this was the first time I'd ever tried decorating, and in hindsight, I probably should have started off with fewer cookies to do! I took wayyy too long. I didn't even come online these 3 days! But it was fun, and that's what's important :) I can't wait to make some more, armed with complete knowledge of my mistakes, and what not to do, and hopefully take much less time!

Anyway, last week's class dealt with making fondant and marzipan, and covering a cake with it. Imprinting work on fondant was also touched upon. Here's the detailed account -

DSC02726 2

The first thing we did was make fondant, since it needed to be refrigerated, for an hour minimum, but usually about a day. One of the instructors was making it, and I it was fun watching him get doused in powdered sugar because of the fan. The weather over here is soo bad right now, we couldn't get by without the fan for even a few minutes! Anyway, he kneaded in all the sugar, and then refrigerated it. After about an hour, he kneaded the hell out of that fondant, then added my favorite color [PINK :D], and then rolled it out for the cake.

DSC02725 2

During the one hour wait, we made marzipan. The usual way to make it, apparently, since I don't know anything about that, is to cook the almonds, and get the oil out of it. But he only showed us a way to make easy uncooked marzipan, that took like 5 minutes! And it tastes good. I've never had much of a taste for marzipan, usually throw it away, so I was surprised that I kind of liked this.

He then proceeded to cover the cake we made last week [that had been doused with rum over the week] with marzipan, and this was the first time I'd ever seen such a thing happen, LIVE! Not as hard as I thought. Pretty easy, infact!

I know there's a huge crater in the middle of the cake, he told us what to do to prevent it, and how to cover it up when that does happen, but didn't want to complicate things by showing us, for the moment!

DSC02729 2

After that, he covered the cake with the kneaded fondant. I was glad to see that there were cracks all over, it doesn't start out being perfect! After a lot of rubbing, smoothing etc, using corn flour, and fondant smoothers, he achieved the perfect smooth fondant, as you can see below -

DSC02730 2

After a lot of watching, we were taught really basic crimper and insertion work.

DSC02732 2

And ofcourse, I went overboard with it! LOL, those imprinters, or stamps as I call them, were fun, and bought out the child in me! We also did insertion ribbons, which you can see in the bottom-left corner. Yeah! That! Living proof of my amazing photography skills!

DSC02736 2

DSC02735 2

There comes the piping! I had already done this in the other class, but it was taught very well here! I'm now sure that I can replicate all of those designs perfectly!

DSC02738 2

That was basically a combination of the shell, and the ruffles. But I loved the look, though it took me a while to get it right. You can't see the details well because of the mixed icing, and my awesome photography, but you can be sure I'll be doing a lot more of this design! :)

DSC02739 2

Since I had already done most of them, I got them right on the first try, like above, and was soo happy! Their instructions really helped! Next class is in 2 days, which is also my birthday :D :D
For the first time ever, I will be in school/college/class/work on my birthday, have always missed them before! That's how much I love this class!

P.S - I'm having some HTML problems on the comments, as you all can see. Anyone know how to fix it? Please send me a mail, if you do. Thanks :)

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  1. this brings me back to the day when i worked at a local bakery to make cakes with the owner. it was SOOO MUCH fun and after that experience i wanted to be a pastry chef which didn't end up happening... but maybe some day!! i love working with marzipan. the cake looks fantabulous!!

  2. You really covered a lot of ground in your class... looks like fun! Nice job on your cake and your piping looks great.

  3. Wow seems you had lot of fun...the cake looks awesome and love those piping designs!!

  4. You can make a cake for me anytime! Great job.
    And happy birthday. Our 12th anniversary is today!

  5. Great job. I took a course when I was much younger and had a cake business from home when my children were small. You will really enjoy what you can create. :)

  6. Just browsing your blog seeing as we have been paired together for the taste and create challenge.

    Lovely blog... can't wait to start baking.

  7. Icanlaughagain - I wish I could work at a bakery too :( And it's never too late to start! :)

    Jacque - The class is lotss of fun! I can't wait to use all that I've learnt on real cakes!

    Parita - Thank you :D It WAS fun!

    Katrina - I'd love to! Thanks for the wishes, and happy anniversary to you :D

    Hendria - Sounds like fun :) I'm pretty sure I will :P

    Carol - Me too! Just visited your blog!

  8. I've never seen the crimping effect on fondant. Very cool!

  9. Cassie - And its super easy too! Makes the cake look great :)

  10. Wow -- such pretty designs! Gorgeous cake!

  11. Looks like fun! Decorating sugar cookies does take forever.

  12. what an interesting course. Nice cake :)

  13. I'd love to take such courses! Wow, that cake looks beautiful!



  14. wow, that's so cool! you did a really great job!

  15. Awesome! I especially like the before and after shots of the fondant-covered cake, proving that cracks are normal and can be fixed. :) Your decorating looks great!

  16. I took a single session decorating course once and I was not nearly as skilled you. Your cake looks beautiful and the piping is fantastic!

  17. You are doing a great job in this class. You should be proud of yourself!

  18. Jaime - I was only too happy to see cracks when he did it, I felt the need to share it :P

    Risa - Thanks soo much!!!!

    Robin Sue - Thank you!! I am proud, however, there's still a lot to go!!

  19. Hello Avanika from ─░stanbul:-)
    Your blog great and your decoration ideas wonderfull. Thanks for your share:-)


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