Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decorating Course... Part 7

I'm sorry I've been away for so long! I've really missed blogging! Unfortunately, I had malaria, and then some complications in the spleen and what not! Been unwell since the past 10 days or so, I'm finally recovered enough!! The worst part of being sick, aside from not being able to come online, and not being able to bake anything to make me feel better [ :( ] , was that I had to miss class! I missed 3 whole sessions :O :O!!! I still haven't figured out when I'm going to make up for the lost sessions, but luckily it gives me time to let you all catch up with the classes, since there was forming quite a backlog!!


First we learnt the more elaborate lace and filigree work, such as the ones above, since we'd learnt the easier ones at the end of the basic course. That's the template of a number of filigree pieces, we pipe on plastic for ease of removing!


These are the templates for the lace pieces, that we pipe on individual lace cut-outs, and use as cake toppers, or the filigree pieces on sides as you can see here. This was a short part of the class, just to make sure we keep in touch with our piping! I made millions of the pieces, but unfortunately, they got spoilt on my way home, because of the rain! So I only have pictures of the templates!


Also, they made us practice those since we had to learn how to do 'curtain work' as they call it, I'm pretty sure it's called something else otherwise, I simply can't remember what!! Anybody who could tell me would be a great help :) We learnt cross way, as well as straight, which I like much better!! We have to create a sort of 'bridge' to hold the piping, and to take it away from the cake.

Bridge for RI

Creating the frills

Last, we learnt how to make gumpaste frills, that are applied along the sides of a cake! They really look quite elegant, and I'm pretty sure would look awesome with a touch of color, and ofcourse, piping on top!

Frills on cake

This session was one of my favorites, with a nice balance of piping, as well as gumpaste work. And I'd always wondered and loved the 'curtain work', so I was glad I learnt it!! Can't wait to tell about next week's session though! Super-interesting!!

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  1. wow! very impressive--and so sorry that you got malaria! that is awful but i'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Ooh, sorry you were sick. Glad you're back. Great job on the Wilton class work!

  3. Oh my i hope you are now feeling well dear, do tc, wow i so am doing this class when returning back :)

  4. I too have the same blog design. But your blog is lovely with something new.

  5. What a great job. I'm impressed! How did you keep the frills on the cake? Looks like straight pins.

  6. Sarahe - Thank you :)

    Katrina - Thanks for the concern!! I'm not doing a Wilton course, just a random course here!

    Parita - Lol, you'll love it :)

    Lone Acorn - Thank you :) I just saw your blog, its real cute :)

    Megan - The frills are made of gumpaste, so a few drops of water is enough to stick it to the cake! Those holes were created just for added support, to ensure they were attached! No pins or anything!!

  7. What delicate decorations! I'm amazed!



  8. Omg, you had malaria?? I'm so glad you're okay! Wow, you make such intricate decorations, even when you're not feeling well. That's amazing!

  9. Rosa - Thank you!! It's much easier than it looks, only time consuming!!

    Palidor - I wish I could take credit for it, but I had attended this session before I fell sick! Only got around to posting it now!

  10. Oh my goodness, I do hope you are feeling much better now!! Those decorations are just beautiful!

    Many thanks for calling by my blog so lovely to *meet* you. You have an amzing blog here and I will be calling back many times now!

  11. Hope you are feeling much, much better! Beautiful lacework by the way...I've never done this before but I've seen a demonstration -- such precision!

  12. I've heard it referred to mostly as "stringwork". You sometimes hear of "Australian stringwork" and I'm not sure if that's different than regular stringwork or not.

    Anyway, I'm so sorry you were sick. How awful! Good to hear you're on the mend.

    Hopefully you can make up your missed classes.

  13. I hope you feel back to yourself again sorry that you felt unwell. :-)

    I am sure you will easily catch up with the classes you missed because I think you are fantastic at cake decorating and very talented.

  14. Rosie - Thank you! :)

    Claire - Thanks! I am, now :) :) The stringwork is actually quite easy!

    Divya Vikram - Thanks! I have recovered now :) :)

    Rosa - You too!

    Jacque - I think it was stringwork too! Thanks :) I can make them up, but only with the next batch, that's 2 months away!!

    Jeena - You are so sweet :)

  15. You are becoming a very excellent decorator. I am sorry I have not been in touch, I have been really busy. If you would like to do a guest post to my blog I would love it. Fondly, DCRose

  16. Wow, your work is breathtaking! It actually looks like you're making haute couture they're so elaborately beautiful! :o

  17. Am I glad I stumbled upon you!! You have an awesome blog and I love the way you are sharing your skills here. Very detailed - thanks:)

  18. We done you!...the borders that you are referring to as 'curtain work' is called 'extension work' this can be simple straight lines on the bridge or diagonal. Double layers strating from common point are called 'over piping' the multilayer bridge you have made is called a 'bevelled' bridge.


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