Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorating Course... Part 11

You want to read this post! Atleast, I want you to! I'm very excited to show you guys my cake!! I've been waiting since forever, to catch up on my missed classes, then be able to blog about this session. Now the time has finally arrived!!!

We had to decorate our cakes as we wished, using fondant and gumpaste flowers!! I made this cake about 3 months ago, and I had the comfort of being able to do it at home instead. I was still recovering during this period, and was very weak due to the sickness. I decorated this at home, keeping a relaxed pace up. It was ok to miss class, since all we had to do in the entire class was decorate!! I took a longg time to make the flowers, I don't know whether to chalk it up to the weakness, or lack of practice :P :P

One thing I missed out on, doing this at home, was taking everybody else's suggestions. Everyone in class is very helpful, and so this cake is completely, solely ME!!

So enough blabbering, and on to the cake!!!

Carnations on a Fence


What do you think? I want honest opinions! I was going for the marbled look on the fondant, and liked how it came out, though next time, I will try and make it more pronounced!! Yes, this cake too is pink!! Now you know my favorite color :P
I had a few problems with the carnations, in that many of its petals (?) broke off, mainly because of me. I didn't store them all too well, before placing them on the cake. It's very amateur-ish, I know! I have a LONG way to go before I get those perfect cakes, I made like a million mistakes on this one!!

Here are some more pictures -

Carnations on a cake

Carnations on a Fence far away
To give you perspective!

Anyway, while I'm know this cake isn't anything spectacular, I am very proud of it nonetheless!! It's my first time (A) :)

P.S - I know this post is FILLED with exclamation marks, I just couldn't control myself! There's one again :P

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  1. hhmmmmmmmmmmm..... dude you are so good at all this mann.....
    i want i want!! :D

  2. I'd love to take a cake decorating class! You did a great job!

  3. Great job on the piping and I think your carnations look fabulous--one of my favorite flowers. Not that I don't like the pink, but white flowers are my favorite and they look great!

  4. PatsyK - Why don't you then? It's awesome fun!!

    Divya - Thanks :)

    Katrina - The piping was SUCH a pain!!! My poor hands!

  5. Those flowers are amazing Avanika! I don't blame you for getting excited, if I made something as gorgeous as this I'd be putting exclamation marks everywhere! :D

  6. i never saw carnations done before on a cake. looks great!

  7. Just landed at ur blog and am so enjoying takin a stroll here-i wanna read every post and will soon...
    ur cake sure is v handsome :-)))
    and am going around lookin first if u have any crunchy cookie out here....
    boa semana,

  8. Oh my the cake looks gorgeous avanika!! love the color combinations, simply stunning, truly very well done dear :-)

  9. I think your cake is spectacular. You know every flaw but we don't. We don't see them and see this beautiful cake.

  10. Wow! So impressed with the swirled fondant and the gorgeous flowers. I've never seen carnations on a cake. Really stunning!

  11. Wow!! That's real pretty!! How did u make the fondant carnations??? Do share the pics if u have. How I would love to take a cake decorating class...

  12. Hi Avanika!!! Keep popping in here to get the gyan n these pretty things:-)) Hope to see it soon!!

  13. First time here.Cake looks very nice and colorful.Do visit my space when u get some time :)Will keep visiting ..

  14. Hi Avantika!! would you please be kind enough to send me the details of the cake decoration classes at shaikhseema1@gmail.com...
    P.S: Did I mention that you have a beautiful blog


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