Saturday, August 29, 2009

Decorating Course…. Part 8

This is the last of my posts about the decorating course for atleast 2 months, when I get a chance to make up the missed classes with the next batch! Luckily, I had attended this session before falling sick! It was quite an easy session, with roses and sugar bells!

DSC03431 2

We started off with making the buds out of gumpaste, and leaving them to dry for a while. Making the buds was actually quite easy! They then showed us how to make the petals, and how to place them on the bud. I was not too pleased with the end results, because I’ve seen way better roses online [see tonedna on YT], but maybe that’s because of the primitive tools we use!! A spoon?? Come on!!! It’s shocking :P :P

Anyway, here’s what it was supposed to look -

DSC03432 2

Versus how it looked. I had problems with tearing, I couldn’t bring myself to use the damn spoon properly!

DSC03433 2

I’m very busy with college presentations at the moment, but I plan on practicing and perfecting these flowers after that [maybe 2 weeks], and maybe then I can get over the fact that we use a spoon to make a rose!!!!

One very interesting thing we learnt in this session was how to make baked sugar bells. I don’t have any pictures, since all our curious hands broke it, but it’s really quite easy! We just filled a mould with castor sugar, and then baked it in the oven. I plan on using this technique using a lot of other moulds too!! :)

I hope to continue this session of posts soon! Till then, you can always read up on the older ones -

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  1. For only having used a spoon I think your rose is lovely! :)

  2. Thanks, you all!! :) I love hearing from all of you, I'm always encouraged to do better because of it :)

  3. You did a greta job and I'm sure yours will look like the other one at no time! :)

  4. Your rose looks pretty good for what you had to work with. I'm sure yours will look like a pro did them in no time.

  5. Nice! I think roses are one of the hardest...for the longest time all I could make were cabbages. Yours look great!

  6. Amazing job Avni:).I would love to attend a Cake decorating course someday:)

  7. Hey Sis i just love the blog,i never knew dat u have a blog,jus checked out 2 day......
    bdw nice images!did hetal click images?lol :p wish u all the best and may ur blog be very successful than it is now :D

  8. Thanks Cassie, Rosa and Divya Vikram!!

    Lorraine and Jacque - I sure hope so! Once college eases up a bit, I'm going to practice them all till I'm perfect!!

    Liz - Hehehe cabbages! I never thought of that! Mine don't look like cabbages luckily :)

    DK - Why don't you?? It's amazing fun if you're interested in it!!

    Prashant - Thank you! :-) All the pictures are clicked by me, except one post, where I've mentioned a friend clicked them for me!

  9. I think your flower looks GREAT! Much better than I could do.

  10. Very nice! Good luck with your presentations.

    Btw, I tried commentin on your next post but your "ad" is in the way. :(

  11. Wow your decorating is so pretty. I love those chocolate muffins you have up there too!

  12. Ingrid - Thank you :) What ad? I dont have any ads between the posts???

    Robin Sue - Thanks so much =)

  13. Welcome to the blog world... My wife just finished her class. She has been baking all summer!

    This is a fun project...enjoy


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