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Peach Pear Plum Galette

Plum Peach Pear Galette

I don't really get much baking with fruits done, even though I always mean to. After drooling over all kinds of fruit related desserts this whole month, I finally decided to get one done, quick and easy. And nothing defines quick and easy more than a galette. I love it's rustic simplicity. I picked out whatever fruits I had in the fruit box, and went ahead with this dessert. And it was such a hit. Just proves that you don't need to slave for hours over creating a good dessert, sometimes the easiest ones are the best!

And yes, I did manage to burn the tops of those peach slices, but the big one in the middle and towards the end are plums, it looks black, but it actually wasn't. I just wanted a browner color, I hadn't used an egg wash, so I applied one and baked for 10 extra minutes on the next day. I'm pretty particular that way. And it didn't taste at all burnt. :P

I also made some frangipane to go along with it, which, if you have tasted, know how good the galette must have tasted with it. And if you haven't, what's stopping you? It's one of the most delicious things ever!!! The entire tart, apart from the refrigeration time, took less than half an hour to put together, it's that easy. And you can easily skip the frangipane, it's delicious without it too, but there's absolutely no reason to, since it takes 5 minutes, all in the food processor.

Peach Pear Plum Galette

For the crust - 

1 1/2 cup [180 g] flour
3/4 stick [90 g] butter, cubed
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
Ice cubes, as needed, about 1/4 cup

Instructions - 
  1. Freeze the flour and cubed butter for about 5 minutes, if you have the time.
  2. Using a pastry blender [my preferred way] or a food processor, cut together the butter with the flour, sugar and salt until it resembles coarse breadcumbs. A few small lumps are good.
  3. Drizzle in the ice cold water from the melting ice cubes, a little at a time, incorporating it into the dough, without overworking it. You should stop as soon as the dough can be pressed together, it will look uneven, that's perfect. You do not want it to look homogenous.
  4. Refrigerate for atleast half an hour, while you prepare the other components.

For the Frangipane -
Adapted from Bill's Food via Leite's Culinaria

1/2 stick [70 g, 2 1/2 oz] butter
1/3 cup [75 g] sugar
3/4 cup [150 g] ground almonds, roasted if time permits.
2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla extract - I used almond instead.

Instructions -
  1. If you don't have ground almonds, grind whole almonds together with the sugar to a fine powder in a food processor, otherwise you might run a risk of turning it into paste.
  2. Pulse together the ground almonds, sugar, butter, yolks and extract in a food processor until mixed well. Refrigerate until chilled.

Fruit topping - 

20 oz fruits - I used 3 peaches, 2 plums and 1 pear
1 tbsp lemon juice

Assembling -
  1. While the dough and frangipane are chilling, prepare your fruits. I don't like the skin of peaches, so I took them off by placing in boiling water for a minute and then peeling them off.
  2. Slice and de-seed whatever fruits you are using, and sprinkle some lemon juice over them. Keep aside.
  3. Remove the dough and the frangipane from the fridge.
  4. Roll the dough out to a rough circle. I made two smaller galettes to make them more individual portioned.
  5. Spread on the frangipane, right upto the edges. I had some leftover.
  6. Leaving about a 2 inch gap on all sides, lay out the slices fruits in whatever manner you choose. Fold the edges on the dough over the fruit. Refrigerate the assembled galette for about 15 minutes [You can skip ths if you are in a hurry].
  7. Preheat the oven to 200 C [390 F]. Crack a small egg in a bowl, lightly beat it, and brush over the dough. [This gives you a nice brown color]. You can also sprinkle some coarse sugar on top.
  8. Bake the galette for 45 minutes, or until dough is golden brown and fruits look caramelized. Serve warm, with a dollop of ice cream if you wish.


  1. For as much as I love baking, I still have yet to make a galette! Maybe this one will be my first. I love easy, fruity desserts. :)

    Avanika, if you want to enter the KitchenAid giveaway, visit TasteSpotting. The giveaway window looks like one of the recipe photos (usually it's located in the top-most row, second from the last.) There is a picture of a white stand mixer with the words 'Click.Comment.Mix' right above it.
    Good luck!

  2. wow these look great. good they don t take ages to make. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hopefully things are turning for the best.

  3. Avanika what an easy and delightful way to make this super elegant dessert!

  4. Your galette looks lovely! Coincidentally....I just made a fruit galette last week.....though only with peaches.

    As much as I love all-things-chocolate.....fruit desserts are always a good change! :)

  5. Wow! This looks so amazing.

    And I'm anyways in the frangipane fan club.

  6. Hello my friend. I just stopped by to say hello. I hope to be blogging again on a regular basis. I hope you will visit me again. Fondly, Rosie

  7. Wow, does this look amazing! Love the combination of flavors, so summery!

  8. What a great looking galette. Love the look with the coarse sugar on the crust. I love making galette. Especially when there is leftover pie dough.

  9. Almonds and fresh fruit tend to taste amazing baked together I've found. This seems to be no exception. Btw, my burnt things are always just "caramelized" O:).

  10. Fruity desserts are always delicious in summer, aren't they? Your galette is gorgeous!

  11. I love galettes and I love peaches and plums even more and the speckles of sugar on this one.... Yours looks so very appetizing.

  12. That is beautiful, and one of my favorite desserts!!! Love a summer fruit galette!

  13. Valerie - Thanks. Maybe you could pass on some of your luck too ;)

    Divya Kudua - Yup, I'm going to experiment with more fruits

    Natalie - Hope to see you back soon, well!

    Bindiya - Thanks <3

    VeggieWiz - Yeah, I try and mix things up a bit. And baking with fruits is proving to be much more enjoyable than I expected!

    Simran - Yayy! I'm sure you would have loved this!

    Parita - P3 :)

    Rose - Welcome back :)

    Tracy - Thank you!!

    Katrina - I'm planning on making some more pie dough to use up the leftover frangipane :P

    Xiaolu - Hmm... Maybe I should edit the post? ;)

    Faith - I'm surprised, but they are delicious, all the time!!

    Anda - Yeah, the sugar added a real nice crunchiness to the texture.

    Aparna - Thanks :)

    Sowmya - Thank you so much!

    Beth - Thanks so much. I'm converted now, love them too!

  14. Wow, nice and tasty galette, love the mix of fruits...very summery :-)

  15. Lovely! I am obsessed with frangipane in fruit tarts.

  16. doesn't looked burned to me--looks completely gorgeous and tasty!!

  17. that looks amazing!
    hmm...I have some plums....heehee

    hope you're having a great day!

  18. Haven't been here in ages and when I do I am welcomed with a galette! Yum. :)
    Have peaches and plums and was wondering what to do with them.....

  19. Juliana - Yup, except, it's the rainy season here :P

    Shauna - This was my first time, but I'm hooked too!

    Steph - You're the sweetest :)

    Noshings - Waiting to see you make this then :P

    Aparna - :D I don't do much fruits, and when I do, you come! It's meant to be!!!

  20. Nice combination of flavours for a galette!

  21. Thumbs up!! This has officially become a must-to-bake in my upcoming baking list... yummy :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,


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