Monday, May 4, 2009

About Yumsilicious Bakes

Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I'm Avanika, a 22 year old from Bombay, currently in the UK to do my Masters in Marketing and Strategy

YumsiliciousBakes is the result of my attempts to join my two favourite things - baking, and the internet. This site is a way to record my attempts - successful or not. If you're wondering about the yumsilicious part, that's just my way of giving the highest possible rating to a particular food item, and a word I absolutely love using, because if I'm saying it, it means I've found heaven. :-)

I've dappled at cake decorating, however I don't use it as much since everything I bake has to ultimately appeal to me, and I've somehow always found the rustic looking cakes much harder to resist.

I will work in the corporate world a few years, and then I hope to go to a culinary school once I've gained enough life experience, to ultimately open my own bakery back in Bombay.

For any PR or advertising inquiries, or to simply drop a hello [which I love], please email me at yumsiliciousbakes (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. You've made an amazing blog... I'm so proud of you..
    All your bakes are seriously yumsilicious....keep baking and i will keep eating..
    love you

  2. Wow!!! everything looks sooo yummmy!!!
    I just had ur was hmmmmmm....
    When are you gonna teach me? I promise not to open a bakery!!! ;)

    keep it up! =)

  3. @Vikas - Thank you soo much babiee.. I'm proud of myself too :P

    @Deepika - Hehehe I'll pakka teach you once you're back. Thank you for visiting :)

    :D :D :D :D :D

  4. Hey,

    Till now I ever tried something in kitchen. In future i would like to try something occasionally. Will you teach me how to make it successful. But one condition my whole family should feel that i am expert in cooking.

    Keep posting. Best of Luck :)

    Sankar Datti

  5. Sankar - I don't know how to cook, but I can totally help you with the baking. Just pick any recipe from the blog and try it, I'm sure your family will love it :)

  6. Hey Avanika,

    Thanks for that. I will let you know that when i will start research on baking to take your help.

  7. Sankar - Sure. Feel free to send me a mail with whatever questions you have :)

  8. Delicious posts Avanika :) Keep it up!

  9. I just found your blog and poked around a bit. Very cute!! I wish I had started cooking sooner. You're lucky to have gotten off to a great start so young!! I have a hard time baking. I live at high altitude so I normally just surf the baking blogs when I feel the urge to bake! :)

  10. A: Thank you very much :) And as I say, it's NEVER too late, for anything!
    Just search google for 'high altitude baking', and you'll get all the information and tips you need :) Feel free to send me a mail if you need any help with it.

  11. Have you ever baked at high altitude that you're telling me I can turn to you for help? Just wondering!

  12. A - No I haven't! But being courteous, I figured that I could help you, since I have tons of information on it! The remaining is up to you!

  13. awesome blog Avantika! I live in Mumbai too....... I have varied interests in arts n crafts and like baking too......though i don't get much time because of my job. I am gng to follow ur blog and get inspired too :-)

  14. hey A.K how you doin? im vikram jain(dilip)
    hope u remember me..
    bout dis blog its nice n my sis tried 1 of these recipe n i made a pig out of myself.
    bye, tc

  15. very pretty website, Avantika. It's so lovely to stumble upon blogs by people from our part of the world. best wishes, shayma

  16. Beautiful blog..... for a 19 yr old iam amazed with the talent. keep it up dear.

  17. Iam reminded of my self. me 42 yrs now but was and will always be a baking enthusiast...... love dabbling in fresh cream gateaux..... love your work.

  18. Am shocked avanika!
    Rakhee Khadabadi (doubt u remember me)

  19. i love ur blog and i think u're so pretty! :)

  20. Amazing blog!!! keep up the fantasic work Avnika.. :)
    All the best!! :)

  21. hey,
    nice job with the blog:)
    im drooling already!

  22. Im also from based in the US...just wanted to tell you that your blog is very well maintained and all the baking is very inspiring...esp for a 21 yr old...i just have a doubt...where do you get all the ingredients like buttermilk,cake flour etc?Also do you have a kitchenaid standmixer?
    I want to believe that baking is possible once i relocate bak to my mumbai

  23. Love your blog. I am a complete chocoholic myself. Have been restraining myself off late thought. Where did you take those cake decoration classes. I would love to join them as well. Do let me know.

  24. Indira - Thanks so much. Hope it inspires you enough to try some recipes out :)

    Mihir - Aw thanks <3

    Dilip - Lol, yes I do remember. Thanks!

    Shayma - Thanks a lot. Stick around :)

    Melissa - Lol, 21 now, but thanks anyway :)

    Rakhee - Haha I take that as a compliment?

    Ria - Thanks!

    Ardna - Pretty. Aww you're the sweetest!

    Priyanka - Thanks a lot <3

    Ayesha - Glad to hear!!

    Deepa - Thanks soo much. I'll mail you with the rest.

    Rituparna - How about you e-mail me, and I'll give you the details!

  25. hey dis blog looks madd!!! even though ur indecisive in nature i hpe u hav decided to choose baking as a profession... hpe u hav more recipes comin up.. gr8 job avnika!! cheers!!

  26. Cool blog!

    Almost everything I bake has chocolate in it too!

  27. Hi,

    came across your blog today.......Love it. Thanks for sharing all the recipes.
    Visit me at

  28. Hi Avanika,

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  30. I am looking for someone to write for facebook pages, please mail me at if interested.

  31. You have an amazing blog!! Gawk-eyed :) I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please collect it here.


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