Monday, May 16, 2011

Uma's Orange Cake

Orange Cake

Soo... How did everyone get through the Great Blogger Crash of 2011? Were you frustrated, or were you happy to stay away for a bit? I was pretty bugged about not being able to comment on blogs, and some not opening at all, but luckily, my blog got through unharmed, and I was away for the weekend to an awesome beach retreat, so I didn't feel too much of it.

It's Secret Recipe Club time again, and I got an awesome blog - Cooking Rookie. I was planning on making this last week, but her blog was down, atleast for me. So I kept waiting, and finally managed to make it on the last day, with the super helpful Amanda's help - she copied the entire post for me so I could bake the cake! I just got back like an hour ago, and am quickly typing this post up, I just hope I can finish it before my eyes shut and I crash.

The cake was gorgeously soft and fluffy, mildly flavored, and basically one that I can get away with at breakfast too :) The instructions on her blog weren't too clear, so I did it as I thought correct, came out wonderful.

Orange Cake Batter

Uma's Orange Cake
Adapted from Cooking Rookie

1 1/2 cups [180 g] flour
1/4 cup yogurt
1/3 stick [57 g] butter
1/2 cup orange juice
2/3 cup [160 g] sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg + 2 egg whites
1 tbsp orange zest
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp salt

For the glaze -
3 tsp icing sugar (45 cal)
1 tsp vanilla essence (5 cal)
2 tsp water

Instructions -
  1. Preheat oven to 350 F [180 C]. Grease and line a 9 inch round pan.
  2. Rub in the zest with the sugar for added flavor and fragrance.
  3. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the whole egg, and beat. Now pour in both the juices.
  4. In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add 1/3rd of this flour mixture to the above butter mixture. Then add in half the yoghurt. In the same way, add the second 1/3rd of flour, the last bit of yoghurt, and the last bit of flour mixing between each addition, only till incorporated.
  5. In a clean bowl, beat together the two whites till stiff peaks form. Fold them into the above mixture, and pour this batter into the prepared pan.
  6. Bake for 30 mins, until a skewer inserted comes out clean.
  7. Mix together all the ingredients for the glaze, and pour it over the cake while it's still hot.


  1. That looks delicious--I want to try this.

  2. This looks so tasty! I love orange-flavored baked yummy! :)

  3. Avanika, so glad you were able to make this wonderful sounding cake in time despite the Blogger crash! It was like a blackout - fortunately I didn't lose anything either, but there are still some quirks to be worked out.

  4. Great Blogger Crash - lol. Glad you were still able to post that fantastic looking cake. Orange is always one of my fave flavors.

  5. Thankfully I was afe from the "Great Blogger Crash" (I am on wordpress:)). Love citrus flavored cakes and breads and this looks delicious!

  6. Hi, I am so glad you liked this recipe. You definitely significantly improved with directions - I simply mix everything, don't bother too much with the order of adding things. I guess I am too imatient :-). Your cake turned out really nice, light and fluffly. I feel like I should make it again and this trime try following your steps :-).
    I am sorry to hear that you had so many blogger problems. I only noticed that I "lost" quite a few user comments, and then the number of visitors dropped, but I did not realize that people could not access the blog. Your story sounds almost like a James Bond movie with the countdown! But you've made it - mission accomplished :-).

  7. I love that this is suitable for breakfast ;-)!! Orange is one of my favorite flavors in baking.

  8. I love simple cakes like this....and especially if you can eat them guilt free for breakfast! ;)

  9. The "crash" didn't bother me too much either as we had company this weekend. Thankfully, I had already printed-off my SRC recipe. Your cake looks great and light, definitely one that should count for breakfast :)

  10. I adore orange flavored desserts and this cake looks like it would be no exception. :) So glad you played along this month!

  11. It looks wonderfully light and fluffy. I lost comments from one of my posts during the 'crash' but otherwise ok.

  12. Hey love citrus flavours....cake looks good....bookmarked!!

  13. Valerie - He sure is <3
    I'm a die hard fan of Baked!

    Priti - Thank you!

    Ria - They're next on the list!

    Jannett - Thanks :)

    Amanda - Which it basically is!

    Mehjabeen - Welcome to the blog. Glad to have you here!

    Ellie - After this, mine too :D

  14. Mmmm, looks great and I love that it seems so simple and is versatile enough for breakfast, too!

  15. So glad I wasn't on blogger! Though I am sure wordpress will have it's day. The cake looks really yummy. Well done for getting it all done at the last minute.

  16. Looks great! I'm sure that we would love it.

  17. Oh fabulous! I just love hopping around and seeing what everyone made. Looks so good.

  18. Looks like a fun club to be a part of! I lost one blog post during the crash and a bunch of comments. Sad but no one died! This cake looks delicious!

  19. Yum! This looks absolutely divine! Sorry to hear about the blogger crash. I was wondering what had happened to all of these blogs as I couldn't leave any comments!

  20. Mmm I love citrus cakes -- this looks fantastic!

  21. Avanika, this cake looks incredible! What a wonderful recipe and a lovely little sweet treat. Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful blog and I'm so glad to have found it! :) I'll be coming back soon.

  22. What a great looking cake! I've just looked through you blog and am impressed with the recipes. I'm your newest follower. I hope you will visit my blog and follow back.

  23. I wasn't even aware there was a crash, so I must have come through it unscathed. I love the look of this cake - easy and yummy!

  24. I love the Cookie Rookie and how wonderful that you got her blog. That cake looks wonderful ... moist, full of flavour & delicious. {Sorry I'm doing the rounds THIS late Av, but life seems to have other plans for me these days!}

  25. Wow, this looks delicious, and your blog is fantastic, what lovely recipes!

  26. Katrina - It sure is! Though you'd probably add chocolate to this too =D

    Heather - Thanks!

    Tami - I'm sure too!

    Ewa - It's a lot of fun. We're all going to be following a lot more blogs soon :)

    Robin Sue - You should register too! It's awesome fun!

    Lorraine - I know, I couldn't comment for like 5 days!

    Xiaolu - I'm sure you'd love this one!

    Georgia - Yay! So glad to have you here :D

    Megan - Hahha wouldn't life be awesome?

    Judee - Woo. Will see you around :)

    Lynn - Yup a lot of people didn't notice, nothing happened to my blog. I only noticed it because of the other blogs!

    Deeba - Oh I'm Ms. Procrastinator, it's all good :)

    Alice - Thank you so much <3

  27. Great recipe for this month's orange season in Thailand, thanks... This looks great and yummy :-)

  28. Mmmm. Orange cake? Sounds good! That looks like it would be yum with a dollop of whipped cream too!

  29. looks great. i've been so busy i didn't even notice the blogger problem =P

  30. Yum, I love glazing cakes, and I love orange, so I am betting I would love this! I will have to give it a try.

  31. Kris - Go make it then :)

    Cakebrain - Ooh yes, it so would :D

    Jaime - Hahha. That's a good approach!

    Jo - Did you try it yet?


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