Monday, December 6, 2010

I was featured in Grazia.. and other news

Hey all!! I've been waiting so long to be able to tell you guys this, couldn't until the zine came out. I've been featured in their Dec issue, along with a few other awesome bloggers like the ever so cheerful Jyotika [she has quite a few extra pictures posted as well, go check them out], the oh so pretty Snigdha amonsgt others.

It's the first official press for YB, so yes, I'm super excited. Hopefully this leads to many more such opportunities. This was also the first time I ever met so many other bloggers, or went to a bloggers event [I always had something come up for the others, and even begged off a few times, feeling intimidated]. And now I think, why wasn't I doing this more often?? It was a lot of fun, though very different from my regular social life! This was a gathering of mostly highly achieved women!

There was also another event I'd been invited to, which I really had a great experience at. It was part of this French Pastry promotion, and Le Cordon Bleu was one of the organisers, along with Sopexa. Chef Christian Faure was doing a tour of India, and they invited the press and a few of us bloggers to the event. I didn't expect much, but hearing Chef Faure speak was truly inspirational. He's a MOF, and heads LCB, Ottawa, which basically means he's pretty phenomenal. Before the event, I spoke to him, and he helped a lot with my confusion over culinary school. During the demo, we were shown how he comes about creating a dish, and its execution. According to him, a pastry is equal parts emotion and technique. It was a lot of fun, and gave me a lot of insight, I just felt inspired after the demo, I couldn't really explain it. Oh, Jyotika has some awesome pictures posted of this event too, including a goofy one of me!

Pulled sugar Chef Faure

I also met Chef Faure at another event while he was in Mumbai, where he was creating gorgeous pulled sugar beauties.

Pulled sugar rose

He made this pulled sugar rose for me, which I shall treasure forever. It's made by a MOF, how can I not??

Oh and also, I finally created a Facebook page for the blog, go on over and 'Like' it, because I just know you totally love this blog :)


  1. How exciting, Avanilka!'s about time you received some recognition. :) I understand the feeling of intimidation when it comes to attending blogging events, I think that's one of the reasons I don't go (as well as time and money.) :D

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! I love that line from Chef Faure-"pastry is equal parts emotion and technique." Wow.

  2. Oh Val, you're the sweetest!! I <3 you!! I still am a little intimidated actually, and it's not something I would do too often!

    Oh he had some amazing such lines, he's an awesome person :)

  3. Congratulations! Must be so excited....

    The pulled sugar is such a beauty :-) Bloggers event is always intriguing. I wish we would have it soon in Bangkok....

  4. Thant's fantastic! Congratulations! Hopefully this is the start of many more.

    I love that sentiment that pastry is made up of equal parts emotion and technique. It rings so true! I sometimes feel like my whole soul goes in the bowl!

  5. Kris - Aw thanks <3

    The pulled sugar thing was awesome, I'm dying to learn how to do it!!

    Irina - Thank you!!! Yeah, I feel the more components and things you put onto the plate, the more it's an insight into you.1

  6. Oh, lucky you! Those sugar scultpures are beautiful!

  7. Congrats! That's great news and well-deserved. I love seeing what great talents can do with the simplest ingredients like sugar. Gorgeous.

  8. Oye girly. Thanks for the mention. We should hang.

  9. Congratulations! That is absolutely great news about your press! :D

  10. Jaime - Thanks soo much!!

    Jacque - I know!! I was in awe!

    Xiaolu - I hope to be able to do the same at some point in life!

    Ellie - Thanks <3

    Jyotika - <3 Name and place!

    Lorraine - Aw thank you!!

  11. I love the sparkle in those cookies!
    The pulled sugar rose looks beautiful!


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