Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fluffy French Toast with Caramelised Bananas.. A Breakfast Worth Waking up for!

Fluffy French Toast with Caramelised Bananas

A few of my lovely readers have been complaining that I always do either sinfully rich stuff, or things that are very complicated. So I'm going to try and occassionally post things like this delicious french toast, things that are staples in my home, but I never considered doing a post about.

I'd seen this recipe years ago on Allrecipes, and have been following it ever since. The small amount of flour gives it a fluffiness that just transcends this simple breakfast staple to a whole other level. I almost always caramelise some fruit to go along with it, because I have a major sweet tooth, and a nice [almost] dessert for breakfast just makes for the best day!!

Fluffy French Toast with Caramelised Bananas
Adapted from Allrecipes

2 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1 pinch salt
3 eggs
1 tsp ground cinnamon
3 tbsp sugar
6 slices bread

Instructions -
  1. In a medium bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon. Whisk in the eggs and the milk until lightly beaten.
  2. Heat a slightly oiled frying pan over medium heat. Cutting each slice in half, soak in the mixture until saturated, then cook the bread on each side until golden brown. Serve warm
For the caramelised bananas -

2 bananas, sliced
55 g [1/3 cup] sugar
30 g [2 tbsp / 1/4 stick] butter

  1. Heat the sugar in the same pan, over medium heat until it has just melted. Add in the butter
  2. Add the sliced bananas, and cook on both sides until the sugar has become a light brown [about 5 minutes total]. Serve on top of french toast.


  1. I'm not a breakfast eater but that would all change if I could have this every morning! Who can resist french toast? :D

  2. Wonderful breakfast for everyday or special occasions.... :)

  3. I love french toast and you know how I feel about bananas! Adding them together is pure genius! Yay!

  4. Never heard of adding flour to french toast except vegan versions. Thanks for the awesome tip as it's one of my fav breakfast foods XD.

  5. I had Cinnamon toast for breakfast today and absolutely loved it--can say it was my version of French toast coz I don't eat bananas sound YUM!!

  6. Caramelized bananas sound drool-worthy right now. Yum :)

  7. I'd love to start the day out with this fab breakfast. I have a major sweet tooth too!

  8. I've guessed you have a massive sweet tooth, and I guess nothing's better than this french toast for breakfast! :)
    Personally I prefer my breakfasts savoury, but have no objection to caramelised fruit for dessert.

  9. I would definitely get out of bed for that-nay I would spring quickly out of bed for that! :P

  10. even more if someone other than me would make this for me ;o) looks totally decadent and delicious! there are so many variations one can try out with this.

  11. You are welcome to stop by, every morning, and cook this for me. Scrumptious.

  12. This sounds delicious! I LOVE french toast!

  13. caramelized bananas! YUM! def gonna make it for breakfast! :D

  14. Ciao ! These are really worth anything !! I'd love them for lunch and dinner too !

  15. Oooh, I've never had caramelized bananas before, they do sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Holy yum!! I love french toast as well as bananas! This recipe is going to be cooking in my kitchen very soon :)

  17. I love to prepare such meal for Saturday breakfast cause this dish is so deserved to be enjoyed......

    Sawadee from bangkok,
    Kris Ngoei

  18. looks delicious! i love both carmelized bananas and french toast.

  19. Beautiful -- I would certainly wake up for that!!!

  20. This is definitely a yummy breakfast I will wake up for!!

  21. Mmmmnnn! I definitely would like to wake up to this breakfast.

  22. We had french toast for bf this morning. Next time, I should try this.

  23. this is kind of like bananas foster french toast - yum :) next time just add some brown sugar to the pan, a little bit of rum, and add the bananas until the sugar caramelizes...mmmmmmmmmmm :)

  24. Hi,

    Amazing baking blog...i love baking...Yummy caramalised babana with toast..


  25. This is worth waking up for. I love bananas with breakfast breads. Thanks.

    Plan B

  26. Valerie - Haha I sure can't!

    Jannett - It's best when you're having a crappy day. A good meal can really lift me up :)

    Ingrid - Me? A genius? Yayyy! LOL :P

    Xiaolu - It has a marked texture difference!

    Divya Kudua - Ahh cinnamon toast. Now I'm craving that :P

    SteelCityFlan - Thanks :)

    Barbara Bakes - Oh you're my kind of person!

    Aparna - Hehehe you guessed right. There was a phase when I was about 12 when I ate only sweet stuff, every meal!

    Lorraine - Aww thanks!

    MeetaK - Oh for sure. It'd become even more than perfect :)

    Sweet and Savory - Lol, looking for some good food are you?

    Jessica - Thanks!

    Ardna - You're going to have an awesome day!

    Natalia - Ah now there's an idea.

    Katrina - Thank you.

    Jacque - You've really been missing out.

    Jessica - Do stop by and tell us how you liked it!

    Kris - Yup, I can imagine a nice leisurely breakfast built around this.

    the twines - Perfect for you, then/

    CookiePie - Thank you!!

    Ellie - Thanks so much :)

    Lisa - You can do the prep in the night, and have it ready in an instant.

    Ria - Yayy can't wait to hear what you feel!

    Parita - ME too :P

    Jaime - Ohhh! I usually reserve bananas foster for dessert, but that's a wonderful idea!

    Dr.Sameena Prathap - Thanks for you kind words :D

    Chef Bee - Thank you!

    Peabody - Welcome to the blog! Thanks so much :D :D

  27. This is definitely worth waking up for! Wish I had some of this for breakfast this morning. :-)

  28. That is definitely my kind of breakfast!

  29. Tracy - It takes but a few minutes to whip up!

    Deborah - Yayy so I assume you're going to try it? :P

  30. A lovely breakfast! I love French toast.




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